Are Colombian High quality Emeralds A Great Investment?

In the wake of the housing marketplace melt down and soft marketplace scandals investments in commodities are on the upturn. Emeralds as valuable gems have constantly held worth in the marketplace and Colombian high quality emeralds can be a harvest asset for any really serious investor.

Gems are, ounce for ounce, the most concentrated kind wealth man has ever identified. Emeralds are extraordinarily lucrative, and like other gems uncomplicated to retailer and conceal. An emerald worth millions of dollars could be much less than four inches lengthy and quickly match in your hand. The value ceiling for higher high quality emeralds has not too long ago doubled. It jumped from a normal $40,000 per carat for the highest high quality emeralds to practically $90,000 per carat for a 9 carat reduce Muzu International emerald, which not too long ago sold at Christie’s Auction Residence in New York. Generating it understandable how a one particular ounce fine Colombian emerald crystal could fetch millions at the present value levels.

Since of the rarity of substantial reduce high quality emeralds future costs are only anticipated to go up. Lots of investors are getting higher high quality emeralds to boost and sustain the worth of their portfolios. When not everybody can afford investing at these levels, there are options that can prove very profitable. As with any investment due diligence is advised prior to producing a commitment. With gemstones, there is a confidentiality of ownership. At present gemstone and diamond transactions are not individually reported to governmental agencies. This on the other hand is topic to adjust, consequently it is suggest one particular seek the advice of a expert tax adviser for your private reporting specifications.

Beneath is a short overview to help one particular in producing an informed selection when thinking about an investment in emeralds.

Colombian emeralds, in particular these, from the Muzo mines by far command the highest worth in the marketplace. Usually speaking they are identified for exquisite look, substantial crystal size and couple of impurities. The Itoco emerald is a fantastic instance of this. Most emerald dealers agree general Colombian emeralds are the finest. A higher high quality Colombian emerald will fetch a 10 to 20% premium more than African and Brazilian of related size and clarity.

While higher finish Zambian emeralds do not command the costs of higher high quality Colombian emeralds, they do have the edge more than Brazilian emeralds in today’s marketplace. Zambian emeralds largely have a tendency to be a medium to light green with a bluish tint. Since of their vibrant lively colour and extraordinary clarity Zambian emeralds had been initially suspect to be synthetic by established dealers when 1st found in 1976. Tiffany’s was 1st to acknowledge Zambian emeralds as genuine in 1989. Due to the fact then their reputation has enhanced and jewelers and dealers alike now recognize them as organic emeralds. Zambia was the 1st emerald producer to present an inexpensive option in high quality emeralds. For these who can not afford the major grade Colombian emeralds, the non enhanced Zambian emerald might be a fantastic runner up. Emeralds from Zambia are trending now for quite a few factors.

  • Like the cutters and polishers of Colombian emeralds, the Zambian emerald craftsmen apply the accepted way oiling utilizing only clear oils.
  • While Zambian emeralds as a rule do not command the costs of higher high quality Colombian emeralds most are fantastic jewelry high quality and some exceptionally substantial stone bring close to premium costs.

In the early 1960′s vanadium emeralds had been found in Brazil. Becoming a kind of beryl, but not (chromium) most dealers and gemologists refused to recognize them as emeralds and categorized them as green beryl. Following 3 years of fighting for acceptance in 1963 G.I.A issued a lab report identifying vanadium-colored beryl as organic emeralds.

5 Guidelines for Sensible Investing

Believe Huge:

As with most gems substantial higher high quality crystals are far much more worthwhile than smaller sized ones with the very same qualities.

Point of Origin:

Massive higher high quality emeralds no matter exactly where they are mined are a fantastic investment, but Colombian emeralds will return a larger resale premium.


When a deep green is ordinarily regarded a fantastic industrial grade, that does not necessarily make it a fantastic investment grade emerald. Brightness or ‘fire’ is an incredibly significant consideration as properly as colour when selecting investment grade emeralds.


The sort of inclusions impact an emeralds worth. Investment grade emeralds will not have internal fractures, carbon create ups (internal black spots) and will have a fantastic loupe clarity. Translucent to opaque stones, while they typically make for attractive jewelry, really should be strictly avoided when investing.


Clean emeralds more than 3 carats typically sell for much more than comparable sized diamonds. When thinking about colour and clarity its greatest to pick clean emeralds with a medium colour more than heavily integrated emeralds with fantastic green colour for optimum investment worth.


More than all it is up to the person in selecting an investment. Nonetheless, getting a uncommon commodity, higher high quality emeralds absolutely can boost the worth of ones portfolio. While Colombian high quality emeralds typically are a extremely fantastic investment it really should be noted this write-up is merely an overview and does not reflect right after the truth marketplace modifications nor assure a return on ones investment.


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